Reflection: August 3, 2015

I’ve been thinking back to the time that I was most successful at getting both physically and mentally healthy.  I had just returned to a very unhealthy relationship that I absolutely knew wasn’t going to work out in the end.  I had my reasons for giving it one last shot, but inside, I began to prepare to leave for good.

The first thing that I did was work on a full-sentence positive reinforcement.  Whenever I have used the positive reinforcement technique, it has worked wonders.  However, I inevitably end up getting lax and lose that valuable part of my routine.  I think a lot of that is due to a lack of reflection.  With reflection comes a recognition and return to what works, even if you have failed and fallen down a number of times.

Feeling a bit under the weather for the past couple of days has really discouraged me.  I am frustrated with the lack of progress in both my shoulder and my eating habits.  So it is time to develop a new positive reinforcement and to use reflection to aid me in my goals.

Positive reinforcement: I am a strong, healthy, persistent fighter.

While this reinforcement may change, I can’t wait until I have the perfect reinforcement to get going on this.

I firmly believe that positive reinforcement is one of the most beneficial techniques for those of us who were raised with/encountered endless negative reinforcements, both internally and externally.  This technique helps to rewire those misfiring synapses that seem to get me into trouble.

Success: Today’s success was taking my vitamins with my meal and getting a shower in before bed.  To people who have never struggled with real depression, this may seem ridiculous.  If it does, then this blog isn’t right for you.  Another success was sitting down and making the effort to work on this reflection.

Challenges: Fighting off an infection left me feeling out of control.  I ate poorly, didn’t do my PT exercises or stretches and found myself feeling as though I might never pull out of this long slump.

My goal tomorrow is to be more mindful and to get in ten entire minutes of positive reinforcements.  This means that as I say my positive reinforcement over and over, I am mentally imagining and feeling myself as if I am part of what I am saying.

Strong = imagining my body running, lifting weights

Healthy = imagining eating healthy, lean foods and feeling full of life and vitality

Persistent = imagining coming up against obstacles to my goals and pushing through mindfully

Let’s do this …

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