Take One Step

Dear CK,

Be gentle and tough at the same time.  You  didn’t experienced success by beating yourself up.  You experienced success when you stepped over the small mistakes, doggedly moving past them to what mattered.  You didn’t experience success when you curled up in a ball, eating your exhaustion, boredom, and pain away.  You experienced success when you plotted small plans and took one step at a time.

Do you remember that fall day, about 12 years ago?  You had about 60 pounds less burdening your tiny frame.  You wore courderoys and a light sweater.  Your body wasn’t perfect, but there weren’t any rolls weighing you down.  Do you remember the way the flat of your waistband rested on your waist?  Or how you could feel the stretch of the muscle and skin across your hips?

It wasn’t about being thin or perfect. It was about feeling the beauty and grace of having muscles and skin in their healthiest state.  Remember this when you are tempted to give up on your dream of returning to this state.  Persist, regardless of mistakes made or discouraging circumstances.

A year from now, you can take a walk in the autumn breeze and realize that dream.  But only if you stop beating yourself up and start taking one step at time in the right direction.


Don’t Forget

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