Lemony Smoothness!

Being 33 has its drawbacks. Those inexpensive drugstore facial treatments don’t always seem to do the trick with my leathering skin.  Okay, who am I fooling?  My skin isn’t leather yet, but I certainly have to work really hard to get it smooth and healthy.

That is why I was super excited to discover and try my new Youtube find Kandee’s “Lemon Trick” Video. With just half a lemon (or lemon juice), sugar and cotton pads or balls, I was able to gently buff my face to smooth, delicious smelling sweetness.  When you get older, the real shock is discovering a product that tightens and tones the skin without drying you out.  This does!!!

My skin feels really tight, but when I touch it, it is super soft and smooth! How crazy is that! I’m also over halfway through my water for today (50oz) and haven’t had a headache since I woke up.  Loving it! =)

Here is the link to “The Skin Doctor: Lemon Trick”.


2 thoughts on “Lemony Smoothness!

  1. joanna says:

    I bet you taste really sour!

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