Great Ending to the Day =)

I found a great new makeup artist on Youtube.  Kandee the Makeup Artist!  Her link is in my makeup blog list.  I love her spunk, and it is finally great to see someone with brown eyes and eyelids that show  in one package!  I’ve been splicing together ideas from different artists, but none of them have matched my own face quite so well as lovely Kandee!

I am also inspired to lose weight.  On top of all the health issues that I have been focused on, I am beginning to forget what I look like with a thin face.  My face has always been well defined, but lately, not so much.  Time to get to work.

After my prior post about depression and lack of motivation, I am happy to post that after ridding myself of that nasty headache, I managed to reach just about all of my goals on my list for the day.  I was much more realistic.  In fact, I was so realistic that I ended up completing things that weren’t on my list!  Woo hoo!

The best goal that I completed was drinking 40 oz plus of water!!!!  </Jumps around ringing that happy bell>  I’m hoping that I won’t wake up tomorrow with the same killer headache that has been plaguing me.  My goal tomorrow is to up it to 50 oz of water.  This is especially important considering that my other big goal is to complete one of the numerous FitTV programs I have been recording since we got Direct TV.

On an annoying note … my almost six foot tall husband has taken to turning off the light in the kitchen via the very short string hanging from the light fixture.  He wants to keep the fan running and hence doesn’t use the switch.  I can’t reach the string. My being ten inches shorter than him doesn’t help.  He has agreed on numerous occasions to stop doing this.  He has NOT stopped doing this.  I’m not truly angry at him, just royally annoyed and ready to take a bucket of very cold water to his cuddly lazy body as it rests in bed sleeping at this very moment.

This follows the fact that my cat thinks bare legs in summer equal a leg tasting fest for him.  The water bottle is definitely getting a workout June-August.

Definitely a much better end to the day than I’ve had in a while.  I feel calm and reassured.  Thank you Jesus!


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