Clean Monday

Today I woke up with production on my mind. I wanted to eat breakfast, but I wanted to get some work done more.  Cat at my heels, I opened a garbage bag, picked up the pile of papers that needed going through and got started.

By the time I realized I’d better eat something, it was late enough that I didn’t want anything heavy. Mike will be home in a matter of hours, and I know that I will make something more substantial then.  I got to work slicing some of these delicious red and yellow peppers that I picked up last week at Whole Foods.  Add a little hommus, some low fat Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese, and, voila!

Delish peppers, hommus, and lowfat Cracker Barrel cheddar ...

I added a bowl of green grapes and some Mott’s Fresh pressed Apple Juice to complete this very light sustenance.

Fresh Pressed Apple Juice and Grapes

My big goals for the day are to get in 2 liters of water, aside from juice, and also in addition to the water I drink while I work out.  I’m really excited that Mike and I are heading to Bally’s today for a return to weight training!

Happy Monday Blogging Land!


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