A June Weekend Adventure Part 2

My Saturday began to get more interesting as Jenn and I headed to her new apartment. Jenn has always been a city girl, so I was overjoyed to enter her own little piece of the city. As always, her excellent taste is easy on the eyes.

Jenn's Window to the World

We started talking about her schedule, and then she pulled out the holy grail of Jenn … her date book!  This is a very sought after commodity in the world of my friends.  Jenn’s schedule is always jam-packed with some event or another and trying to get time with her can be difficult at best.  Booking months in advance is usually the best way to get things done.




Tonight, her time was all mine though … pencil me in Jenn! She suggested two of her great restaurant.com deals; one for an Italian restaurant and the other for Sura Thai Bistro, a delicious, modern Thai lounge/restaurant.  I told her that I was up for anything, either sounded delicious after a week of eating clean.

We decided to hold off on making the decision until after I did a little makeover.  You know one of my summer goals was to use all the makeup tips I’ve been gleaning from Youtube on my friends and go out on the town.  Saturday was the first day that I have ever been able to do that.

The Bewitching Jenn

Jenn is the kind of girl who likes to look natural.  She also has the most beautiful blue-gray eyes.  Keeping all that in mind, I began with my pallet.

First I cover under eye circles with concealer, and then utilized a skin highlighter/brightener to create a lighter space for the inner eye.  I swept a flesh tone color onto the lid and brow, and then began to work with the blues and grays that I knew would compliment her beautiful eyes.

Eyes Don't Lie

I worked with the lightest turquoise across the lid,and then layered darker blues and mixes of blue and gray, staggering the edges further and further from the center of her lid.  I added a pop of light white/blue in the center.

To increase the size of her eye bed, I lined the waterline in white (had to use eyeshadow, oh how I wish I had a pencil), and then lined beneath the waterline with a mix of dark blue/gray about 1/4 of the way in, tapering it in gently to meet the waterline.  Underneath the rest of the waterline, I accentuated with more white shadow. I lined the top with a dark/blue gray and winged it out gently to the sides.  Finally I contoured her cheeks with bronzer, blush, and highlighter, using a kubuki brush to blend.

Then it was time for a much deserved impromptu photo shoot.  Usually Jenn is the face behind the camera, but on Saturday, it was all about her!

Love that Smile!

Jenn settled on Sura.

I tasted my first dish of Edamame ... delicious!

Delicious Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce

Jenn's Beef Pad Thai and irresistable martini ...

Finally, my scrumptious lemon grass chicken!


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