A June Weekend Adventure Part 1

It has been a really long time since I spent any large amount of quality time with my girlfriends, so imagine my delight at finding out that Skinny Cow was having an event in Chicago with a bra-fitting (something to do with their new slogan “The Perfect Cup”), champagne, Skinny Cow ice cream, and goody bags galore.  I signed up myself and Jenn (Jo was unavailable) and made plans to stay the night with her in the city.

I arrived via the “El” and waited by the sign at the entrance.

A few minutes later, with Jenn only moments away, the hostesses apologized and told me that they had made their last fitting appointment, and now no one else would be let in.  I stood there, looking down at the tickets I had printed out in my hand and thought you’re kidding me, right? Isn’t that what printing out the tickets was for?

I called Jenn, let her know not to park, and wandered outside, nostrils flaring a bit in annoyance. I mean, I didn’t need the fitting … couldn’t they just let us in for a little ice cream?  The sugar monster in me, angry at all the clean eating I have been doing, stomped and paced, paced and stomped, waiting for Jenn to arrive.

Then I saw it. I unslung the Snapper from under my arm

I don’t know architectural terms, but I love the double bay windows bubbling out from the skin of the building.  The faces and curves carved out of the masonry create such character and elegance.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with brick and stone buildings, even if those materials are only faces over less elegant materials.

After snapping about a dozen shots at a couple of different speeds, waiting for pedestrians to get out of the frame, I turned to my left and noticed these elegantly pruned topiaries.

As I continued to shoot, I realized how calming photography is for me.  What a great metaphor for ways to handle stress in life.  You step back, look at the whole picture, and just take it in.  Perspective in photograpy, as in life, is what makes the difference between just living, or experiencing something beautiful and meaningful.


5 thoughts on “A June Weekend Adventure Part 1

  1. esther says:

    I love your analogy. We’re meant to step back and enjoy the moment, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes.
    I also love your writing…you’re very talented!
    And speaking of girl time, in response to the note you left me (thank you, btw!), we can’t let frisbee prevent us from our sytycd get-togethers (or any other get-togethers, for that matter). Maybe we could watch both episodes on Thursday, or maybe we could even do a Bachelorette night instead, on Tuesdays (i know it airs on Monday, but of course we could record). And a tea party sounds fab! We’ve got to hang out this summer!

  2. jenn grant says:

    hey kristy! i didnt realize you kept i blog!

    i love it!! i like your honesty and variety of topics.

    so glad i stopped by! i will be back for more! 🙂

  3. jenn grant says:

    wait, i spelled your name wrong!! sorry!

    i love all your photos too btw! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading (viewing) Jenn! I’m sure you will agree that blogging is definitely fun. For me it can also be cathartic and a great stretching of my writing legs. I love all your photos and different updates on what is happening with the family, so I will keep reading!

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