Up too Late With Tutorials

I’m up way too late looking up tutorials on aperture and other various SLR related knowledge. Of course, I always get distracted by the hair and makeup tutorials that come up because I am a subscriber to many on Youtube.  Let me tell y’all, I am thirty-three and just hitting my stride when it comes to makeup.

It isn’t that I haven’t used any, or even that I did and looked ridiculous. I’ve been pretty respectable when it comes to makeup, even somewhat experimental.  However, I never knew just how people got the great looks that I loved, and my sister declined to tutor me when we were younger due to some bitterness at my horrendous habit of “borrowing” her clothes without asking.  Yes, I was one of those younger sisters.

So imagine my delight at finding people like Tiffany,  Fafinette, and now, Bubzbeauty.  I am out of my gourd with excitement because I found a video tutorial on threading! If you already know what that is, you may be jumping up and down asking for a link.  Well here it is. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be.

I haven’t been able to go for a really long time due to the cost.  A spool of thread, however, is very low cost, and I am all about DIY.

So, for the reason I was up … I’m finding aperture a LOT harder to play with than shutter speed.  Here was my shutter speed test to find out what speed best captured the light in my apartment.  I went from about 1/800 of a second (very dark) to about 1.6 seconds.  While 1.6 seconds does give the best possible lighting scenario, it does tend to get shaky with my non-surgeon’s hands, so I think I’ll stick with the very doable and perfectly adequate .6 second speed.

If you mouse over the pictures you will see the shutter speed listed.  Is the difference really that noticeable?

I can’t wait to try some of the techniques out in daylight, and I especially can’t wait to try out the threading when my eyes aren’t bleary and sleepy.  Off to bed for me!

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