Turkey Burgers!

I looooooooooooove this dish! I keep raving about it to all my friends, so I figured I would let you all in on how I make it.  You might already have your own version, but I get kind of superior about this one.  It is super delicious!

Turkey Burger Ingredients

You will need

  • a package of ground turkey, lean, but not too lean.  To me, ground turkey tastes kind of like cardboard at 99% fat free.  So I always get the 93-94% fat free kind.
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • roasted red peppers (I like Dell’ Alpe’s)
  • garlic powder
  • pepper, and,
  • sea salt, which is better for you and requires you to use less than processed salt for more flavor.
  • last but not least, you will need one onion per person, if you are a person who loves caramelized onions.
Peeling the Onion

Start by cutting the ends of each onion off.  Don’t cut cleanly through, leave a little bit of the skin hanging as above to make it super easy and quick to finish peeling.

Cutting the Onion in Half

Lay the onion on a flat side and cut in half.

Cut the Onion into Thin Slices

Lay the two halves on their flat side and cut the onions into thin slices lengthwise.  The thinner you cut, the shorter they take to caramelize.

Pour in the Oil

Pour enough olive oil into a skillet or wok to just cover the bottom.  Heat on medium until there is a bit of sizzle.

Toss Onions into the Pan

Toss the onions into the pan and turn down to very low heat.  You will let this sit for 35 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, but no more.  Stirring slows the caramelization process.

Roasted Red Peppers!
Chop ‘Em Up!

Now that the onions are cooking, it is time to get on with the main part of the dish!  I like to chop my red peppers into soft cubes.  That way they are easier to spread throughout the burger.  This is one of the best parts of the dish.

Add Some Grated Cheese

I like to have everything ready before I get started.  I had a mix of part skim mozzarella and cheddar that I grated the day before, so that was my cheese this time.  I go between fontinella (which is decadent, but fattening), cheddar, or mozzarella, depending on my mood.  I like to get these ingredients on the cutting board so I don’t have to touch things with meaty, bacteria-ridden hands.  I prefer to limit the amount of times I wash my hands.

Tin Foil Baking Sheet
Two Flattened Patties, Your Choice of Size

Now it is time to create the tin foil baking sheet.  Take a sheet of tin foil about twice the length of your patties.  Fold the foil in half and crinkle up the edges to make a kind of “boat” where the juices will not be able to escape.  Create two flattened patties, your choice of size.  Mike and I like them on the small side.

My Friends Salt and Pepper
Garlic Powder

Then add salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Put on the Red Pepper and Cheese

Pile on the red peppers and cheese.

Top Half of the Burger

Create the top half of the burger and pinch the sides together so that none of that delicious cheese or red peppers comes out during cooking.

Start the Broiler

Hopefully as you start your broiler, you will not have to light it, as Mike and I do practically every time we cook.

Season the Top of the Burgers

Season the tops of the burgers with salt and pepper, and pop into the broiler.

Turn Burgers When Top Gets Nicely Browned

Use a turner when the top of the burgers get nicely browned.  Season the other side.  Let other side brown and plate burgers.

Yum Finished Burger!

Add a nice side … my favorite is Jewel’s Steamy Vegetable Mix thrown into the pan after the onions have been removed.  I add diced garlic and cook until tender.

Finish it off with Delicious Caramelized Onions!

I always add a bowl of greens. Tonight I don’t do V-ino, I do it the Michigan way with V-ernor’s!

Burgers, Veggies, Salad, and V-ernor's!

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